A Selection of Compelling Topics to Explore in a Dissertation on Yoga

As a health care student or a medical student, you may have the option of writing a dissertation on Yoga. Remember, the relaxation and exercise program has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years. Millions of people practice one of the many different styles of yoga for a variety of reasons, so there are many subject ideas for you to consider for your subject. If you struggle with a topic, then explore our selection of compelling topics to explore in a dissertation on yoga.

Selection of Compelling Topics

  • Mental health-the exercise program has been shown to relieve stress and improve mental health for participants. In your piece you will able to use case studies, surveys, quotes, data, and periodicals to prove your point. You can also speak to experts in the field.
  • The history and how Yoga has changed-you can delve into the original methods of Yoga and see how changes have been made in the field. The modern world with new modern needs has caused the practice to evolve, but the traditional philosophies still exist. This juxtaposition would be intriguing to research and write about in your document.
  • Look to the future-consider how yoga might be used in the future to cure mental, emotional, and physical issues. Again, you will need to research the experts and to speak to the experts. When you can look ahead and make projections supported by academic research and ideas, you have done a good thing.
  • Types of yoga and who founded the different branches-there are many types of yoga and many leaders, some still living, in the industry. There are also some branches that are no longer practiced. And the odds are very great that new versions will be developed with time. You could explore what qualities all of the different kinds have in common, look at what brands are getting ready to be developed, and glance at the current leaders in the field.
  • Yoga and mental tenacity-yoga teaches people mental strength, mental structure, and mental tenacity. Look at how the exercise can do this for people.

You will need case studies and surveys to look at this topic. You can conduct your own case studies and surveys, but you will also want to use existing ones from the experts in the field. Show how this has been helped to better people’s mental capacity.