Selection of Compelling Ph.D. Thesis Topic on Marketing

Some people are rather lucky when it comes to the selection of a thesis topic on marketing while others have to go constantly through the pressure of choosing the perfect one to display their marketing efforts and skills. However, your supervisor must have proposed an idea or so to you for this purpose. There are many such advisors out there that believe in restricting the students to specific themes. While these themes limit their creativity but these also help them in coming up with the best possible topics within the set boundaries.

Organization is Key

You need to keep in mind that the entire process of choosing the right thesis topic has to be well organized and should be done with as soon as possible in order for you to overcome the potential stress levels. Make sure of the following steps while you’re at it:

  1. You should make use of the current coursework inclusive of notes, texts, papers and university libraries.
  2. Ask your instructor to share their pearls of wisdom with you
  3. Try not to discount any of your personal knowledge as you should have complete confidence in your creative ideas.


You should opt for a few free-writing activities that will allow your mind to start pointing you in the right direction. You can make use of positive criticism as well by sharing your ideas with others. This will allow you to determine the availability of the facts and information out there relating to your topic. Make sure to make an outline after simply jotting ideas down. An outline will help you connect the missing dots and come up with a topic that truly clicks. Some people believe in the maintenance of a journal as it helps them in keeping track of their ideas for topics of such.

Field Work and Interview

You have the option of studying the industry or specific sectors you have been assigned for your marketing thesis topic. This will allow you to come up with a topic that correlates with the current times. Interview your sources and explore new avenues for your search.

In conclusion, make sure to give the previous literature a read in order to assure the authenticity of your topic. If you find a similar topic in the literature review, then you’re definitely in luck as it will help you develop your approach and methodology in a much more enhanced manner.