A Set of Fresh Ideas to Use as PhD Thesis Topics on English Literature

The choice of topic for your PhD thesis is crucial in determining the outcome of your work. There are a lot of areas you can write on in English literature. However, some are mundane and exhaustively researched on. This makes your paper dull and less interesting. Where can you get the fresh ideas?

  • Check from Research Recommendations
  • The recommendations are made in journals, articles, books, seminars, etc. The authors point at areas that require attention because there lacks information in existing books or materials. You will be playing a crucial role of filling an academic gap. This makes your paper highly valuable.

  • Choose from Your Area Of Passion
  • The best topic is one that reflects your passion. Having interest in a particular area ignites creativity and insight. These elements make your arguments strong and captivating. When writing on a topic you are highly interested in, you will never experience fatigue. It enables you to work for long hours without lowering the quality of your work.

  • Consult the Committee
  • The supervisor and his committee exist to assist you in the writing process. Consult them when selecting your PhD thesis topic for English Literature. Members of the team are exposed enough to offer guidance on the best topics to choose.

  • Watch From News Items
  • News outlets release information on different issues in English and literature. Other sources of fresh information include seminar reports and workshop outcomes. The highlights made in these forums will give you a hint of the areas to focus on. Such forums generate fresh ideas that will form the basis for your paper.

Here are fresh PhD thesis ideas to consider for your English Literature paper.

  1. How does paradise lost match the idea of redemption poetry?
  2. A discussion on the origin of the novel
  3. Rustic writing and the search for simple life in the 18th century
  4. The role played by costumes in works produced by Dickens
  5. The influence of politics on 18th century literature
  6. How the gothic novel presented gender roles
  7. How Freud influenced early modernism
  8. Representation of architecture in the works of John Hardy
  9. The changing imagery of warfare over centuries
  10. Is blogging killing the ability of present day generation to create compulsive literature?