MBA Thesis Topics In Finance: 10 Great Directions To Take

An MBA thesis is a relatively high level piece of academic work. For example, many finance students who are studying towards the end of their degrees may be required to complete this form of academic paper.

If you are expecting to write an MBA thesis topic related to the field of finance, then you may be wondering if there any good directions you can take with the work. Ultimately, the direction you take will largely depend upon your knowledge and understanding of the subject, as well as any preferences that you might have for specific fields relating to finance. Therefore, in order to try and identify a good direction, you may wish to think about any aspects of finance that you are particularly interested in, as well as any areas where you feel you might excel.

It can also be useful to read other people’s work, in order to give you some inspiration. Likewise, talking to classmates can be particularly useful, and can help to inspire ideas.

  • What proportion of adults in the United States is underprepared in terms of their financial planning for retirement?
  • How can effective estate planning help to minimize the amount of tax that needs to be paid on any inheritance?
  • For the average man on the street, is it worth paying for the services of a financial intermediary?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of pension funds, both in terms of the perspective of individuals and companies
  • As a source of funding, explain how corporate financing works
  • When it comes to mortgages, credit cards, store cards, and a wide range of other credit, what advice should be given to young people in order to help them build up a good credit rating, and avoid any potential pitfalls?
  • There are three main subcategories of finance: public, corporate and personal - what is the difference between the three, and what influence can they have on each other?
  • How do stock exchanges work?
  • Since the financial crisis that began in 2008, how have banks improved their funding in order to avoid future economic meltdown?
  • How effective are theoretical financial models in the real world?