A List of PhD Thesis Topics in Computer Science You've Never Heard About

A good PhD thesis is always dedicated to some unique and little-known area of a certain subject. If you want your work to be really outstanding, you should give special attention to the topic you are going to research and, probably, find such an idea that will make your paper look unique.

A List of Unique PhD Thesis Topic Ideas

  1. Automatization and management of technological processes and production in industries.
  2. Computing engines and systems.
  3. Computer engine, complex and network software.
  4. Mathematical modelling, numerical methods, and complexes of programs.
  5. Methods and systems of information protection, informational security.
  6. The application of computing machines, mathematical simulation and methods in scientific research (in separate science areas).
  7. System analysis, management and procession of information in different areas.
  8. The systems of modelling automatization (in different fields of industry).
  9. Information procession and management. The most effective systems.
  10. Telecommunication systems and computer networks.
  11. The theory of systems, automatic regulation and management, and system analysis.
  12. The management in biological and medical systems (involving the usage of computing machines).
  13. The management in social and economical networks.
  14. The elements of computing machines and management systems.
  15. The theory and development of the computer science over the recent decades.

How to Use the Thesis Topic Suggestions from the Internet

If you find a list of topic ideas on the Web, you need to realize that many other students can find them in the same way. If you use a suggestion from such a list as it is, your work won’t be unique. This is why you should either recompose the found topic in such a way that it sounds new and fresh or turn to such sources of ideas that provide you with brand-new and custom-made suggestions that don’t repeat any other projects. After all, you can always use the ideas from the Internet as a moving force, do some brainstorming, and compose something on your own.

How to Choose a Good Topic for Your PhD Project

Apart from the uniqueness, the topic should be interesting to you. Your interest is the factor that determines the deepness of your research, your desire to get your readers interested, too, and the number of catchy facts or stunning discoveries within your project.