A collection of strong PhD thesis topics in financial management

Financial Management is a diverse topic and it’s complex by nature, hence it offers a wide variety of topics to research in-depth for a strong PhD thesis.

As a general rule for choosing your PhD thesis topic, make sure to pick a subject you’re truly interested in and can see yourself working on for years. Always stay in close contact with your supervisor and make sure to clarify the scope and depth of your topic in advance, even before starting your research.

Financial Management is a hot topic and there’re always new areas to research, like Green Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, or the latest laws and regulations for auditors. However, when choosing a fairly new topic, you run the risk of not finding enough quotable sources for your work.

The following is a collection of interesting and useful topics you could explore.

  1. Micro-finance in the UK banking industry after BREXIT
  2. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and how it changed the relationship between auditors and investment banks
  3. A coherent framework for stress testing approaches towards evaluating the credit risk of an agricultural bank
  4. How Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has affected investment bank’s disclosure of social and environmental information
  5. How to evaluate credit agreements between investment banks and casinos
  6. The dynamic learning effect in risk management and corporate finance
  7. Evaluating measures of investor bias in the U.S. residential housing market
  8. Critical success factors in Merger & Acquisition projects in the food industry
  9. Off-balance sheet activities in the United States: How are they recorded?
  10. What’s the optimal capital structure for an investment bank in Germany
  11. Banking in emerging countries: what are the keys to achieving and maintaining financial stability
  12. The development of the Chinese private equity market after the 2008 banking crisis
  13. How ‘Green Finance’ will affect investment banks over the next decade
  14. Comparative Analysis: the liability management of two leading retail banks in the United States over the past year
  15. Options and risk management: the advantages and disadvantages of using options for hedging against risks in the banking industry

Still haven’t found a topic you like?

Why not explore the subject of Microfinance, which recently got huge attention from individuals and banks. Or what about the subject of ethics in accounting? Recent scandals have raised interesting and challenging questions regarding ethical practices.