Basic rules for making citations in an APA format dissertation

APA style is the official dissertation writing style adopted by the American Psychological Association for the social and behavioural science. If you are a student of humanities and are pursuing a higher degree, you may be required to write a paper for the completion of the course. In most of the cases, the teacher will ask you to include APA style formatting.

All about APA format

APA format is mainly used for term papers, empirical and historical studies, case studies and other varieties of theoretical research and writing. The APA citation divides the paper into different parts:

  • First comes the Title page. It contains the title of the project, the name of the author and the corresponding institution. Don’t write the entire title in bold, only the initials in the uppercase with the rest following in lower case. The page header will be on the left while the page number will be in the right. Your name and the institution’s name shall be in the middle of the paper.
  • Next comes the Abstract section. Remember, your page header shall be running and must be included in the rest of the project. Put the word “Abstract” in running in the top centre of the page. The abstract should include the research question, which were the samples and what methods you applied in brief. It should reflect the rationale behind your study. Remember maintaining double space in between the writings.
  • Present the data visually in a table.
  • Avoid long quotes while you are quoting an author; better use ellipses. While inserting a quote, use the writer’s surname and the year of publication. In the case of directly quoting someone, include the page number from the original publication.
  • Footnote is a must for APA formatting as it makes the writing more empirical. It is used to supplement the text. Endnotes are not required in APA style.
  • For the referencing, start with the surname of the author and then the name, followed by the year and the name of the book. End it with the name and place of the publication.

These are the rules for writing a dissertation in APA format.