Interesting philosophy thesis paper topics to consider

Philosophy is one of the few subjects where you can afford to be really creative with the academic papers you submit. There are several ways in which the subject can get to you and you will like the scope it offers you when treating great topics with care. One of the best things about philosophy paper topics is the level of work that you have to do with the paper. There are many more things that you will have to consider as well.

One of the basic things that you will be able to understand is the level of competence that you have with the topic.

Need for a decent topic

It is very easy to get lost in the immense expanse of scope with a subject like philosophy. There are many things that need to be covered and yet you will have to be fairly objective in approach. This is where getting a really good start is very important to the paper. You can understand what you need in a more elaborate manner.

What should you keep in mind?

There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind when starting a paper on philosophy. Here are some:

  • Locate the ideal circumstances for expansion
  • Choose a topic that does that overwhelm your scope of study
  • Keep a safe distance from theories and hypotheses which you do not understand completely
  • Try working out a method that works both for the topic and the paper

Interesting thesis paper topics on philosophy

  • How would you tell a moral issue from a non-moral one?
  • Is it enough to allow the conscience to determine between moral and immoral options?
  • Is it enough to rely on reason when deciding what is morally right or wrong?
  • What is the role played by intuition when deciding the righteousness of actions?
  • The universal principles of morality: do they apply to all persons at all times?
  • The thin line between instrumental and intrinsic goodness: what are the parameters of definition?
  • Look at pleasure as an emotion of intrinsic goodnesss
  • What kind of goodness lies in the fulfillment of desire: instrumental or intrinsic?
  • What is happiness: sum of personal pleasures or derivation of public pleasures?
  • Can pleasure be defined as a mere by-product of activity?