Completing a Top Quality Psychology Thesis Paper in 5 Simple Steps

Your psychology thesis paper is one of the most important pieces of work toward completing your degree. The project may seem a little overwhelming, but if you break it into manageable steps, you'll be finished in no time. Here are five simple steps to getting that paper done.

  1. Pick the Right Subject – Psychology is broad, and you've no doubt narrowed your focus of study by now. Narrow it even further to pick your thesis subject. Ideally, you should pick a topic about which you're passionate, and about which you are looking to prove or disprove a theory. Choose a subject on which you are already well versed, but be prepared to learn much more about the topic as you go forward. A mentor or professor may be able to help you with this part of the process. Many students pick an area where they plan to focus after graduation.
  2. Do Your Research – Research is a big part of a thesis paper. You need support for your position and data to back up your observations. You also need to research any argument that others would present against your theory. Knowing the most common arguments against your theory will prepare you to address these issues in your paper. Most candidates spend the majority of their project time on this step. It is important to use multiple sources for your research.
  3. Draft an Outline – After you've done your research, the specific points you want to make in your paper should become pretty clear. Making an outline of these points will help you to ensure that your paper is well organized and will help you to stay on track as you write.
  4. Write the First Draft – Start filling in the details to back up each point in your paper. Working on each point, one at a time, helps you to stay focused on your argument.
  5. Edit and Refine – Your paper will require several drafts to get it just right. Your mentor or professor should read through your draft, making comments and helping you to add detail where required, as well as helping you correct mistakes.

Be certain to give yourself plenty of time from start to finish so that your knowledge on your chosen subject will be evident to anyone who reads it.