Searching For A Dissertation Acknowledgement Sample

The acknowledgments section is an important part of your dissertation, as in there you have to say thank you to all the people who were helping you with the paper. These can be your supervisors, professors, tutors, other students, friends, etc. You need to write the words of gratitude to them and state the reasons why you decided to put their names into the section.

Sometimes there are troubles with the formatting of the section and the way it needs to be written. Many students get confused and don’t format the part properly, making the grade for the paper a bit lower. To avoid such a consequence, it’s important to use a couple of samples of the section.

Places to Search Dissertation Acknowledgement Samples At

  • Educational websites.
  • You need to find several websites created for students to get various help there. You can find useful links to sample databases there, as well as reviews on reliable sources. If you are lucky enough, you will find what you need very quickly. Use search tools to find the best acknowledgment sample for your paper.

  • Student forums.
  • Here you will be able to ask your fellow students about the peculiarities of writing the acknowledgments section of the paper. They can give you a piece of advice or even their own acknowledgments for you to look at. These are usually reliable, especially if you find students of your school on the forum.

  • Online libraries.
  • Online databases contain lots of different samples, including acknowledgments. Find a couple of different examples and compare them to be sure you understand the requirements. The best case is finding a paper with teachers’ comments, as you will see the proper way of formatting this part of the paper.

Using Samples: Good or Bad?

Many people think that using samples is close to cheating, which isn’t true at all. It’s always easier to write knowing for sure that your style and formatting are right. Even if you have all the requirements in front of your eyes, you may fail to understand certain points. But with a sample you will see clearly how the section should be written, what words and clichés can be used, etc.

Besides, searching for a sample enhances your skills in choosing the right sources and finding all the information necessary faster. This is also a good skill for a student who writes an academic paper, so there are many advantages in using examples in your writing. The main thing is to find a good sample with the right formatting.